Everything you need to know about the all-inclusive wedding packages. 

wedding packages

The all-inclusive wedding packages are certainly the most complete packages ever. Normally they include the photo and video shooting session, the printed photo album, and the pre-wedding shoot.

This package is generally chosen by couples that don’t want to exclude any service from their wedding, as well as couples that love photography and enjoy their love story is told through the best memories on a video or impressed in time on a wedding photo album.

It’s, therefore, possible to add more services too.
Quite often these are requested as not every couple considers them at the beginning.

Let’s go through these by order.

All-inclusive wedding pack by monocromostudio

After many years of experience in the wedding photography niche, we can assure that couples who choose the all-inclusive wedding packages desire everything necessary to tell the story of their wedding day.

Here you can find our offer:

– 800 High quality post-produced photos
– Up to 12 hours of wedding day coverage
– 2 photographers and 2 videographers
– Complimentary pre-wedding consultation
– 80 hours post-production
– Teaser trailer
– A film (approx 10 min)
– Photo and video pre-wedding/after wedding session
– Digital Download

Let’s check the details of it.

800 High quality post-produced photos

The all-inclusive wedding packages we offer at monocromostudio include the post-production and delivery of 800 high-resolution and high-definition photos, along with the absence of a logo.

Every photography studio decides to deliver a different number of pictures, an average of 800. During these years, we realized that this number is quite important, but there is something else to consider: the quality of them and the post-production work. 

Most of the time we are able to deliver way more pictures and sometimes it happens too. The thing is that there are so many different and great moments during the wedding, that we could easily produce more than 800 images but we believe that our couples would find it useless to have lots of similar shots.

For this reason, we normally perform the first selection eliminating pictures that we don’t consider great for technical reasons.

We noticed that with 800 pictures the couples are more than satisfied because they can have all the most important moments of the day.

Moreover, when couples decide to print their wedding photo album, they will have to make a choice on a selection of images that includes 80/100 pictures (more or less the 10%) for an album of 30 pages.
The experience teaches us that this number often gives trouble to couples as they can’t decide which images to delete.

Here is an important element to consider: the delivery of the pictures without a logo and in high-definition format.

Many photography studios will give their couples only a certain number of pictures between 800 and they will probably post-produce only the selected ones.

At monocromostudio we usually deliver all the pictures in high definition and without the brand logo. You won’t have to add anything else and you’ll have the right to use all of your pictures.
That’s why the initial selection does not have to scare you. After this, you will have lots of images that you will be able to print as you wish.

Up to 12 hours of wedding day coverage

12 hours of service are more than enough to cover and film all the best moments of your big day, from the preparation of it to the final party. 

Always make sure you are aware of the time the photographer/videographer will spend with you, because the total price of the service may increase due to this.

Even if your wedding is taking place in the same location, our work includes the same amount of hours. We are professionally made to take photos and videos and if we have the chance to have more time to do our job, we can also better choose the aspects of the day and consequently have more images. 

2 photographers and 2 videographers

This is an element that we love to explain.
Why should I have two photographers and two videographers at my wedding?

Every photography studio includes the presence of other professional to support the photographer with an all-inclusive package.
Normally there are photographers that do weddings alone because they prefer to move freely and they are used to this.
Then there are studios that take assistants to work with them.
And then, here we are. At monocromostudio, we love to work in a team.

There is a net difference between the assistant photographers and videographers, and the professionals ones. If you want to understand this in detail read also our article regarding useful information when choosing a wedding photographer.

When we offer our all-inclusive wedding packages at monocromostudio we specify that we work with two photographers and two videographers.

We love to work in a team and we perfectly know each other so that with just a look we can understand what to do in order to not disturb the other person’s work. We are two per category because we can capture images from different angles and use different optics to have a wider vision of the day.

A single photographer and a single videographer are not able to capture moments with different angles, not even if they are the Rambo of photography. 🙂

Complimentary pre-wedding consultation

To create a very personalized work we need to meet the couples. We already explained in other articles the importance of empathy. In this phase, you can understand if the photographer you chose is matching your style and is the best one for you. 

During a complimentary pre-wedding consultation we set all the meetings before the wedding to give us the chance to know each other and how your wedding is organized, the location of it, your love story, and all the things that can help us to best represent you.

We believe that sharing these details between us is the best way to make a journey together.

We are gonna be always available to give you our experience and some useful advice.  

80 hours post-production

The time that we will be dedicating to you, goes beyond these hours. We usually use a time
of 80 hours to make your moments amazing, working on the pictures we shot. 
We will use professional programs and the experience we have made during this time, to take care in a meticulous way of your images, adjusting details and color grading your video to make it more captivating.

Teaser trailer

Here we are at the video part.
What is the teaser trailer?

It is a small part taken from the final video. Just a taste that gives curiosity., and that will make you desire to go beyond it.

Often, when couples permit us the publication of their video, we use the teaser trailers to show future spouses how we work. We show our creativity.

You can certainly decide to don’t share it on social networks. It is your private choice. 
You have to think that for us this is really important, the same as it is important for you.
When you see other couples’ trailers, we have the chance to express and explain our way to see the wedding.

Every couple has its trailer teaser, same as the music specially chosen for the situation, that you won’t find in any other online teaser. 
Every couple is unique to us, same as their day and their story. 

The length of the trailer varies from 60 seconds to 3 minutes and it depends on how the videographer decides to show the story. 
Look here at some trailers to have an idea of how we work. 

A film (about 10 min)

An amazing and beautiful day can’t be told just with a trailer. There are so many important moments, such as the first look, the vows between the spouses, the emotions, and the party. 
All moments that can’t be missed in a wedding video.

The wedding video must be beautiful storytelling to see over and over again. It must take people by surprise and emotionally. It must take you back in time and make you live again the moments of your big day.

Ask the photographer you selected, to show you a complete wedding movie to have an idea of how he interprets the wedding and if this respects your way of seeing things. 

For privacy reasons we are not used to publishing entire weddings, but you can definitely get in touch with us and we will send you a link and a password you can use to see one of our complete videos.

Usually, the videos speak about moments in a very original way and have a length of 10/12 minutes. 
It is also possible to request a longer clip of 20 minutes. 

Our couples found our videos complete in every part and usually don’t request this kind of service too. 

Ten minutes are long enough and so intense that you will experience high emotions and moments of your wedding day.

Photo and video pre-wedding/after wedding session.

We decided to include this service inside our all-inclusive wedding packages because we believe it gives additional value to them. You can choose between a pre-wedding video or an after wedding session. 

Normally these choices depend on the couple. There are some that prefer to have a wedding photo shoot and video before the ceremony and in a location different from the one chosen for the event. 

This service is chosen often by couples that want to break the ice with the camera, because they are scared to result quite shy on the wedding day, already quite full of emotions. 
We believe that this is a really great service. 

There are couples that instead prefer to do an after wedding session because they want to stay closer to the location of their wedding day and enjoy the party without any interruption. 
This kind of service has two advantages: to live fully on the wedding day and stay with the guests, and to leave the couples without thoughts or obligations, choosing together the best moment.

Pre wedding in the Dubai desert
pre wedding photoshoot

The after wedding session is normally included in the destination wedding packages and it is done after the wedding so that the bride can choose to use or not the wedding dress.

There are different ways to deliver the final work to the couple, but working with destination weddings, we normally work with couples that won’t come back to the country where they celebrated their wedding.
The only way we have to deliver all the files (trailer and entire video) is the digital download.

This can be made in different ways throughout the platform chosen for the download or by sending a link to a couple of the online folders where the images are kept.

This can be made in different ways throughout the platform chosen for the download or sending a link to a couple of the online folders where the images are kept.

Digital Download

There are different ways to deliver the final work to the couple, but working with destination weddings, we normally work with couples that won’t come back to the country where they celebrated their wedding.  

The only way we have to deliver all the files (trailer and entire video) is the digital download. 

This can be made in different ways throughout the platform chosen for the download or sending a link to a couple of the online folders where the images are kept.

Add-on services – What to add to the package to make it more complete

Between the services, you can choose to add to create a
more complete package are:

– Take away printed pictures during the wedding day
– Third photographers
– Third videographer
– Drone for air videos
– 20 minutes video
– Additional hours to the service
– After-wedding session photo (if you choose the pre-wedding session)
– After the wedding session video (if you choose pre-wedding session)

As you can see there are many wedding package offer you can choose from.
The one we just introduced was the all-inclusive one.

We believe we gave you a full and complete guide on what is included in the services we offer and what you can add to have an idea of your wedding package price too.
If you wish to have more information about it, just get in touch and we’ll be glad to assist you.