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Adriana and Paola

Let's talk about love

We’re Adriana and Paola, but everyone knows us as “the Monochrome,” wedding photographers and videographers.

Our chosen name comes from Greek, literally meaning “of one color”. It defines the unique tone that our two individualities create when blending together: a play of light and shadow with a Caravaggio-like flavor, through which we love expressing the depth and mystery of the feelings we capture in every photo and video.

For us, each wedding is a work of art and a true experience: it touches us deeply, stirs extraordinary emotions, and urges us to engage in a consistently surprising way to craft the perfect narrative.

It’s an intensely involving artistic creation process that demands our time and energy, and that’s why we’ve always prioritized quality over quantity in our work.

Our goal is to make your wedding day come alive every time you look at our photos and videos. We capture those moments of sincerity, spontaneous gestures, and glances that speak louder than a thousand words. We don’t want to give you just photos or videos; we want to provide you with memories that are alive and vibrant. Your story is unique, and we’re here to ensure it’s told in the most authentic and captivating way possible.

I’m Paola, a photographer and videographer.
I was born in the splendid setting of Cefalù, and from my hometown, I received the warmth and genuine sunshine that distinguishes us and lights up everything I do.

At the age of 5, I moved to Turin and then to Milan for my studies, but once I finished, I returned to the regal capital of Savoy, which, with its enigmatic grandeur, stole my heart.
But I like to take my heart for a stroll around the world: I love to travel and discover new realities. More than that, I love to photograph, or better, literally “write with light” the memories, lessons, and emotions I’ve experienced to carry them with me and share them with the people I love.

I’ve been studying photography since I was 15, and I consider myself very fortunate because I’ve managed to turn my greatest passion into my everyday work. It’s my driving force, what keeps me always in motion and constantly evolving. Stillness and labels aren’t for me; the freedom granted by artistic expression offers too many lands to explore to ever stop! I’m dynamic, volcanic, always eager to experiment—not just in my work but also, as a true Sicilian, in the kitchen!

Another great passion of mine is animals. I have a dog named Eos, which might make you think of the acronym “Electro Optical System” of my Canon camera, the lens with which I capture the magic of the most beautiful moments. But Eos is also the name of the beautiful Greek goddess ruling over the dawn… maybe that’s why she always wakes me up at dawn?

Paola Licciardi Photographer


I’m Adriana, a videographer and photographer.

I’ve always loved art and its delicate yet absolute power to evoke and preserve timeless emotions, which is why I chose to make it my profession. I dedicated myself independently to studying photography and videomaking with tenacity, determination, and above all, a lot of passion, aiming to resemble more and more the best version of myself.
It has always been and continues to be the greatest challenge, with an excellent opponent: my idea of myself, happy with her dream come true. It’s a journey that never ends, offering immense satisfactions and, most importantly, training me to always be extremely genuine. So, in art as in life, you always win, especially when working with the storytelling of emotions.

The supreme art, indeed, is in people and the connections created between them.
I love capturing the small gestures, glances, the folds of smiles, the everyday magic of contact, and leaving an indelible trace.

Every story is unique, just like the video I create to tell it, a blank canvas that is colored with a thousand different shades each time.
I often spend entire days listening to music, immersing myself in the atmosphere of the wedding and savoring the emotions it left behind to inspire me.
Only from here does the post-production and editing work begin, a job that is never the same but takes on incredible times, rhythms, lights, and colors each time: yours.