All relationships begin with a “nice to meet you”, but great relationships are the ones that go further. The most important relationships are about sharing and creating value.
So in the same way there may be nice pictures, or there may be pictures about you.

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Recommended by Paola

Recommended by Adriana


Paola and Adriana are two girls full of passion, art, study and colors that will soon make you fall in love with their services.
We did 3 services with them: engagement (pre-wedding); wedding; elopement. We have great memories of 3 different important moments in our life. Today we look at the photos and we still get excited, the feelings and sensations experienced right inside those shots re-emerge and we feel like we’re flying. That’s why magic: they know how to perceive the beauty of you, the smile, the emotion, the caress and the kiss stolen in an absolute spontaneity and carefree. Do I recommend Monocromo? Yes very much! If we went back, we would still choose them. I think their photos speak for themselves.




Connections are really important, they allow us to share adventures, live great emotions, to find a travel companion.
This form will help us understand who you are and establish the first connection. Every aspect of your day is important to us and will allow us to formulate the best proposal.

Paola and Adriana