Carmela Caditra review

I approached with a formal request knowing that I was addressing super photographers, yet in a few minutes I received such an encouraging affection that the tones of the communication began to travel on the same wave as your shots.

 Paola charged me with energy, tripling that crazy desire to leave that I had in search of a magical whitewashed place, Adriana with her authentic resistant accent and her smile made me feel immediately at ease.

In a nutshell, think to the backpack, to the congenial outfit and setting sail on a very cold and sunny Friday in January was a breeze. Feeling in a film, the protagonists of a shooting, in the name of Love is already a complicated emotion to describe but going further to Build a bond, to enjoy the pleasure of smiles and to share and tell your Essence is something that leaves a sign deep in the heart. 

Monocromostudio was a curiosity, matured over time, to dive into an enchanted, simple, colorful, meaningful world and it was also something more! 

We will meet again to put more white on your goals, stronger sensations and warmer steps. 

Thank you for helping me to say, with your Art, exactly what I wanted to say to my Francesco. 

thanks thanks thanks.