Chiara e Davide

Chiara e Davide

27 May 2022

The Wedding Timeline

When couples reach out to us for a quote and then schedule a Zoom call or swing by our studio, it’s like getting to know the characters in a beautiful love story. They spill the beans about their expectations for the big day, the kind of party they’re dreaming of, and the ceremony they’re planning.
Every little detail is gold for us because it helps us understand what the couple is looking for in their wedding tale.
Take Chiara and Davide, for example—two super young lovebirds ready to take the plunge.
They’ve practically written a script for every moment of their day, and in each meeting, they’ve walked us through it all.
As per our usual routine, we love jotting down notes and marking every single detail that deserves our attention on their wedding day.

This checklist gets shared with the couple and our team a few days before the event, making sure we don’t miss a beat.
Chiara and Davide had an evangelical ceremony, and the insights they shared helped us nail the perfect positions to avoid any tag-team interference between the photo and video crew.
As always, we brought our A-game, and the couple was over the moon with the fantastic result. Can’t wait for more love stories and unforgettable timelines!

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