Chiara e Fabio

Chiara e Fabio

3 July 2022

Photographic and videographic reportage

What is empathy?
Empathy is that quality that allows you to connect with people and make them feel comfortable. Our empathy was so strong that we managed to connect with Chiara and Fabio through a video call. When they came to the studio, they immediately felt at home. This is what Paola and I want to convey to our couples.

We had a lot of conversations during that meeting, and there were more to follow. They shared their wild ideas (after all, two artists could only create a unique context for their big day) and talked about a trip to Lisbon, a very special city for them. She’s eccentric and refined, he’s charming and charismatic. They immediately captivated us, and we couldn’t wait to tell their story. 

With Chiara and Fabio, we did two types of services:
Photo and video service for their wedding day, where they expressed the desire to celebrate with friends and family without taking couple photos.Photo and video service for their post-wedding/elopement in Lisbon, where we lived a fantastic experience with them among the waves of the Atlantic Ocean and the wind of Praia do Guincho (Lisbon). It was there that Chiara and Fabio exchanged their vows and rings and enjoyed some couple photos in serenity.

If you’re thinking of a classic wedding, well, you won’t find it in these photos. 

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