Stefania e Bruno

Stefania e Bruno

3 July 2022

Symbolic Ceremony

Among all types of ceremonies, the symbolic one is by far our favorite. It allows for complete personalization of the entire ceremony. From choosing a professional celebrant or a dear friend to exchanging completely personalized vows, to celebrating the ceremony anywhere.

Bruno and Stefania entrusted Simmi Studio with the event organization and assigned us the task of documenting it through photos and videos. The symbolic ceremony, especially when the couple prepares in the same location, gives us much more time to dedicate to the couple. We can capture footage and photos of the decorations for which the couple, along with the wedding planners, invest a lot of time. 

We love dedicating ourselves to details, and this is something that not only the couple appreciates but also those organizing the wedding. It was a festive day, and Bruno’s outgoing personality and his many friends made everything more lively. We captured spontaneity, immersing ourselves in the couple’s world, highlighting Stefania’s sweetness and simplicity and Bruno’s charisma.

I believe we couldn’t have told their story better.