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Alessia e Armando

28 September 2019

Flexibility and Professionalism

Alessia and Armando opted to narrate their wedding day through the unique style of MonocromoStudio, choosing only the photo service.
True to our approach, we arrived at Tenuta Tamburnin (Castelnuovo Don Bosco) a bit earlier to familiarize ourselves with the surroundings (we always do this when we’re not familiar with the location) and to capture some shots of the venue.
We love taking things slowly because haste certainly doesn’t help and doesn’t contribute to the necessary serenity in the environment. So, we allowed the makeup artist to work in tranquility, capturing documentary-style shots during the makeup phase and also focusing on the details.
Armando awaited us directly at the church, where we arrived half an hour before the ceremony to position our battery-powered spotlights (thanks to the site visit, we confirmed that the church lacked electrical installations). This setup allowed us to capture harmonious photos in a dimly lit environment.

The ceremony concluded just as the sun was rapidly setting. We decided to make the most of the last rays of sunlight by taking some photos in front of the church as the newlyweds reached the venue on their Vespa.
Unfortunately, we couldn’t use the vineyards adjacent to the location, but we agreed with the couple to return later to cover the missed part.
This way, the couple could fully enjoy their wedding, confident that they would get additional couple photos at a later date, in a harmonious and relaxed atmosphere.