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Cristina e Roberto

16 September 2022

Equipment is crucial

Our work encompasses many facets and aspects.
On the same day, our skills must range from the emotional to the technical aspects.
We can never underestimate the unexpected and must always have the equipment with us that can help us solve any problems we may encounter.
Surely, a team that knows how to do their job well is the winning key.
Each member of the team can technically support their colleague. For example, as videographers, we sometimes have to set up lights for our photographer colleagues, and vice versa, photographers sometimes support us in positioning microphones. For this reason, the team is important.

But the team would be nothing without a series of equipment and problem-solving skills.
From the dual camera setup for each operator to windproof devices to avoid microphone rustling.
In the wedding of Cristina and Roberto, which took place on a warm September day, the wind was really strong.
We remember using several windproof devices and positioning various audio devices to deliver the work cleanly.
The result was a very polished video.
We believe that if couples see a job well done, we must ensure that theirs will be perfect too.