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Matilde e Sebaastian

22 June 2023

Photo on the Lake

The lake has always been a favorite destination for foreigners, and we Piedmontese are fortunate to have two beautiful lakes like Lake Orta and Lake Maggiore. Meeting couples from abroad is always a source of pride because they not only choose Piedmont as the location to celebrate their wedding but also choose the Made in Italy, and in this case, Made in Piedmont.

Matilde and Sebastian chose the Hotel Majestic as their venue, hosting people from various countries around the world. Matilde frequently travels for work, and Sebastian has been following her on her fantastic journeys around the world for years. In these travels, they formed bonds, and on their wedding day, all the important people from different ethnicities and cultures were there to celebrate together. 

How beautiful is the diversity of cultures. We believe that diversity is richness. During the ceremony, emotions overwhelmed everyone, and we were ready to capture them. What we remember from this day is the wonderful way the guests shared this day with the couple and how they actively participated in the celebration.

The plan was for the party to continue on a boat on the lake, but the bad weather didn’t allow it. However, Matilde and Sebastian can consider themselves lucky because the most beautiful celebration was sharing such a day with loved ones around. It was truly a beautiful photographic narrative.