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Michaela e Marco

2 July 2022

Ready to always give helpful advice

For Micaela and Marco, their wedding day was meant to be centered around their union, but especially the presence of their little ones.
Capturing family moments through photography or videography is always beautiful, but it can be quite challenging for the couple because on such an emotionally charged day, children can feel the tension and become restless.
Our assistance to couples with children involves offering them various pieces of advice, such as organizing the wedding in the afternoon and allowing ample time for preparation to prevent the children from being bothered by the various changes.

It’s also important to be able to connect with them with a few words and seek a certain harmony.
Often, our cameras attract children a lot in the sense that they would like to use them and play with them, and it is with this excuse that we achieve the results you can see both in photos and videos.
Thanks to listening to Micaela and Marco and their way of conceiving the wedding, we have succeeded in our mission, and they are as happy about it as we are.