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Nicoletta e Lorenzo

1 July 2023

Customer and Wedding Planner Trust

Working in perfect harmony with the couple and the vendor team is every photographer/videographer’s dream.
From the moment Nicoletta and Lorenzo entrusted us with the photographic storytelling of their wedding day, we felt immediate and complete trust. They embraced the monochrome project, choosing to see their day through our style.
During the site visit at Villa Bria, along with Simmi Studio (the wedding planner), we provided countless tips to enhance the day, and the couple absolutely trusted and relied on us.
We worked in a calm environment, managing the day with the confidence that we would do a great job, and indeed, we did.

It might seem obvious, but following a wedding schedule can sometimes become complicated if the couple is anxious or the vendor team is disorganized.
Well, in this wedding, we can say that everything went very smoothly, and the celebration immediately took a beautiful direction.
The theme was Sicily, and based on that, we told the story of the day, even creating a small reel for Instagram featuring Sicilian music.
After the wedding, we received numerous compliments for the discreet way we moved and for doing a great job. The couple was very pleased, and for us, that’s the most important thing.