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Sharon e Samuel

12 April 2019

Realizing Couples' Dreams is Possible

The Unforgettable Wedding of Sharon and Samuel: An Adventure through Rain in the Langhe Hills and a Dream Come True on Top of a Mountain: Photographic and Videographic Services for Pre-Wedding, Wedding Day, and Post-Wedding.

Their package was rich in services. Sharon and Samuel chose not only to narrate their wedding day but also their journey as a couple, both before and after the wedding.

The first time Sharon and Samuel came to the studio, they shared their dream of getting married on top of a mountain in the midst of winter. A beautiful dream, but logistically almost impossible. Bringing 250 guests with a snowcat in the middle of winter, with the possibility of a blizzard, immediately made the idea seem unfeasible. 

But we didn’t forget their dream. So, we organized a whole day in the mountains, on Moncenisio to be precise, and created a pre-wedding photoshoot and video. The wedding took place in April, and unfortunately, the weather was not at all forgiving. Rain and thick fog made it impossible to organize the ceremony outdoors, although everything changed in the afternoon, giving us the spring we were looking for since early morning. We tried to make the environment as serene as possible, and the couple was extraordinary. Nothing could ruin that day. After the wedding, the couple decided to renew their vows in the way they had originally envisioned: in the mountains and without rain. Goal achieved.

We captured evocative images and created a video that tells their story, their vocation, and their beautiful souls. 

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