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Simona e Marco

4 June 2023

Management of the Wedding in the Absence of a Wedding Planner

May and June were not two simple months for event organization, especially when they were planned outdoors. They were very rainy months, and June 4th perhaps more than others.

During the couple’s preparations, an ugly mass of clouds gathered over the villa, forcing many vendors to take shelter in various indoor spaces. The florists decided to set up the ceremony area in a sheltered area compared to the garden where it was originally planned, without sacrificing the beauty of the arrangement. Unfortunately, they had chosen an area without light, which could be visually appealing to the human eye but wouldn’t have the same photographic effect.

Simona, who loves photography and has dealt with it in the past, was very concerned, and this is where we decided to take control of the situation. We asked the florists if it was possible to move everything to a better place, providing them with the right alternative. 

They were fantastic because they quickly moved everything and restored the characteristic smile to the bride’s face. But the weather deteriorated, and we had a real downpour at Giardini La Pergola (AL), so much so that three of us were unable to reach the bride’s room.

Nevertheless, we didn’t lose heart; we continued to communicate by phone and acted as intermediaries between the catering and the venue to postpone the ceremony by a few hours. The team quickly reached an agreement, and so, even in a light rain, Simona and Marco managed to exchange their vows surrounded by their closest people.

We gave our best to obtain photos and videos of their day and convey the right serenity to the environment. Their intimate wedding will be remembered for the couple’s smiles and positivity, despite the pouring rain and the delay of almost two hours in the ceremony.