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Vanessa e Mathias

12 August 2023

Accommodating customer requests

In our work, it’s important to establish the right rapport with our clients.
We need to respect the client’s perspective, of course, without ever losing our own focus and style of photography.
We got to know Mathias and Vanessa through constant email correspondence leading up to the wedding.
Their wish was to see the photos before granting us permission to publish them, and although showing our work to couples is important to us, we agreed because we understand how important privacy is.
After all, we’re talking about feelings and intimate moments.
Our job for the couple was to take photos during the pizza party the day before the wedding and focus on taking photos on the wedding day.

Another desire of the couple was to enjoy the two days in tranquility, staying with their guests as much as possible.
Having a small child as well, the timing couldn’t be too tight or structured.
We, therefore, chose the path of pure reportage, almost never interfering, except on two occasions that were particularly important to us, namely taking couple photos at the right time, so as not to detract from our photographic style.
You won’t see many photos of people here because we respected the couple’s idea of protecting their guests, but we assure you it was truly a lively and engaging wedding.