Alessia Tedesco review

What is that thing that after almost a year of marriage makes our heart beat as it did that day?
The photo album!

Maybe it will not be like this for everyone .. but if he has created it, it’s them, the Monocromo, then the result is guaranteed !!!

Just looking at the photos – and we never get tired, even after years, we are sure – we can relive everything about that day every time: the sounds, the smells, the voices, the flavors, the hugs and the looks.
Wonderful result, you were spectacular!

Above all to succeed in this enterprise with me, who am very awkward in front of a goal !!! But it was all natural and we thank you for that too!
Because this is you: naturalness, simplicity and great professionalism!

Armando and Alessia
September 28, 2019