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The art of storytelling

Wedding film in Turin

The art of storytelling

Wedding film in Turin

Harmony of emotions, between music, light, and images.

We know that the most incredible stories are the true ones. We love to see and tell your authenticity, the unmistakable originality of each couple. Spontaneity carries a powerful magic that always fascinates and astonishes us. That’s why we consider empathy fundamental: we want to build a relationship of trust, natural and genuine, between us and you, so that you feel free to show yourselves for who you are. In return, we will represent you in a sensitive and never clichéd way. We also know that every story has its soundtrack. 

By immersing ourselves in your story, we will be able to select the most suitable music that enhances the emotion, touching your heart. Music always inspires us to find the right mood for each film. Sound, light, image… this is how videos become 360-degree emotions!

Below, you will find a small gallery: the testimony of how much emotions matter to us, and how we love to tell them. 

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Wedding Video in Turin: All the Information to Choose Your Trusted Professional

Are you ready for your wedding and looking for a professional who can create your wedding film in Turin, just like in other cities, unique and original for your special day, but you’re not sure who to turn to? Perhaps the photographer you’ve chosen for your wedding has suggested creating a wedding film in Turin and has mentioned the videographer, but you’re not exactly sure how they can make the most beautiful day of your life even more memorable? Or maybe you’re simply curious about how a wedding film in Turin can add value to your wedding reportage?

Don’t worry!

Sit back and read the content of this page.

We are “Monocromostudio,” photographers and videographers specializing in weddings in Turin and throughout Italy. To help you organize the most important day of your life, we’ve decided to provide you with all the information you need to choose to create your wedding film in Turin, for a complete coverage of your happy event.

We are Paola and Adriana, the souls behind Monocromostudio. We are a couple in life and in our profession, and we specialize in wedding reportages for all couples who choose our creative work. For us, a wedding is a creative experience that we personally live and are moved by, and we convey all the emotions that your union gives us through photographs and the wedding film in Turin to capture the most representative and joyous moments of your union day.

So, if you’re planning your wedding day and want everything to be absolutely perfect and memorable, it’s essential to create the wedding film in Turin with a videographer like Adriana from Monocromostudio, a professional who loves art, love stories, and deep emotions.

For a complete artistic work, Adriana works in total synergy with Paola, a wedding photographer in Turin. Together, we represent Monocromostudio and we thought of sharing our photographic and video works with you, also telling you how the wedding videographer in Turin works and how, together with the photographer, they create your wedding reportage full of moments and snapshots of your most beautiful day. We’ll discover how the videographer makes your wedding film in Turin authentic and perfectly faithful to the emotions you experienced on that day, so you can watch it again and relive the most beautiful moments.

Happy reading! 

Before delving into the wonders that a wedding film in Turin can narrate about your special day, we would like to tell you who the videographer is and what they do, this new professional figure who works alongside the wedding photographer in Turin.

In recent years, many couples have chosen the videographer to create artistic, sublime, and particularly evocative wedding films of the most beautiful moments of their wedding day. However, not everyone knows exactly what their role is and how they interact with the photographer to create an artistic work that amazes couples.

The wedding videographer in Turin and throughout Italy is the professional who exclusively and artistically manages all the phases for the realization of the wedding film in Turin and in all the other cities where you wish to fulfill your love dream. It is a new figure that guarantees higher quality and authenticity to video works that couples once entrusted to photographers who often relied on non-professional videographers with inadequate equipment.

It is born to enhance and meet the needs of couples who desired a wedding film reportage in Turin of superior quality compared to what was offered by the traditional photographer who was assisted by a non-professional videographer.

Monocromostudio is the perfect union of two artistic souls, a photographer, Paola, and a videographer, Adriana.

We are a couple for couples, perfectly balanced and in harmony to create the work of art that represents the photo and video reportage of the day of your union. Before telling you about our artistic approach to the work we love, we want to explain exactly what the wedding videographer does.

The videographer collaborates synergistically with the photographer and works closely with the couple from the early organizational stages of the wedding, paying attention to their requests, following them, and providing advice without neglecting any detail. Their main task is to create the Turin wedding film and therefore its editing, production, and creation of your love story to immortalize the most significant emotions of the most beautiful day of your life. Additionally, the specialized wedding videographer in Turin uses specific equipment to create the narrative of your love story. Among these, tripods, monopods, or gimbals to stabilize the camera for dynamic shots can certainly be useful, and they may also employ remote-controlled drones to capture aerial perspectives.

As mentioned above, in our life and professional partnership, Adriana is the videographer, passionate about art and love story narratives. She captures the small gestures, looks, and smiles of couples and loved ones who will be protagonists alongside the newlyweds on such an important day. Every story is unique, and she tells it with a wedding film in Turin that is absolutely personalized and perfectly fitting to the couple’s style. She also handles post-production and editing for a work that is never the same as others, with different rhythms, timings, lights, and colors. 

Now that we have told you how important the role of the filmmaker is in creating a perfect wedding reportage of your day, you may be wondering how to find the professional who can create the wedding film in Turin and interpret your desires and emotions.

The first place where future spouses search for information about the professionals to whom they will entrust photos and films of the wedding is the web, also taking the time to look at some photos and films to get inspiration and understand how they want their reportage to be.

For this reason, we at Monocromostudio thought of providing you with some information and advice to choose the professionals who will immortalize the emotions and the crescendo of events on the day of your wedding.

What is important is to search for the filmmaker who can capture and tell your story in an authentic way and perfectly coherent with who you are as a couple.

To understand the details of your union and determine the style to give to the wedding film in Turin and in all the locations of your heart, Monocromostudio organizes a thorough interview and several subsequent meetings to not miss the most important nuances that make the wedding reportage of photos and films unique and inimitable.

We want to discover the details of your love story, how your union was born and how it grew, to narrate it in celebratory photos and films of the day of your yes. Additionally, we ask couples to be able to view the locations of the ceremony and reception to have an overall picture of the structures, capture the lights, colors, and all the details that we will capture in photos and films for a more polished and spectacular effect.

We believe in quality and we strive to achieve what you, as spouses, are looking for on the day of your wedding. 

As you have come to understand, the wedding filmmaker is a skilled professional who dedicates maximum attention and care to details to create your wedding film in Turin.

They capture moments and images that will then be tastefully edited with a sense of creativity to narrate the day of “I do” in a crescendo of authentic emotions.

The most delicate moment in the wedding filmmaker’s activity is the editing process. However, the professional filmmaker knows all the dynamics of a wedding and recognizes the most important moments that deserve to be highlighted.

Adriana is the filmmaker at Monocromostudio. Passionate about art, the unique form of expression capable of preserving lasting emotions, Adriana creates wedding films in Turin as if they were works of art, enhancing the light and chiaroscuro that have the power to immortalize emotions.

For Adriana, every love story is as unique as the film she creates to tell it. The film is a blank canvas to be colored with a thousand different shades, just like your stories and your loves. 

Now that we have seen who the wedding filmmaker is in Italy, let’s explore together how the wedding film in Turin, as well as in any other location you have chosen to celebrate your formal union, is made.

In the previous paragraphs, we talked about the importance of the pre-production phase where the filmmaker and the photographer meet the couple to hear all the details of the wedding and what their wishes are for that day. This phase is to understand where the wedding preparations will take place since many couples request to shoot films in the stages before the actual celebration.

During the pre-production phase, the filmmaker also tries to understand who the closest family members and witnesses are to capture and frame these guests during the wedding, capturing their emotions and not missing any speeches they may dedicate to the couple during the celebrations. This is because, in addition to the visual component, Monocromostudio places particular emphasis on the audio aspect of the film. Recognizing that spoken words, laughter, music, and even silent whispers are essential elements to capture the essence of the wedding, the company uses high-quality audio equipment to ensure crystal-clear and immersive sound recording.

Another fundamental moment that wedding films in Turin encompass is the ceremony, perhaps the most complex and suspenseful moment. Indeed, in the wedding film in Turin, this phase is rich in emotions not only for the bride and groom who are preparing for the fateful moment of “I do” but also for the closest relatives. In this phase, our videographer Adriana is particularly creative and inspired; she loves to tell true love stories because for us, the photo and video reportage is a process of artistic creation that personally involves us.

We are a couple also in life, and we know perfectly well all the growing emotions that overwhelm us on the wedding day; we have experienced them and know how to capture them in shots and videos.

We highlight the key moments of the wedding including the exchange of vows and rings, the kiss, the exit from the ceremony venue, capturing the most romantic moments, with close-ups of the bride and groom, parents, witnesses, and closest relatives.

The moment of the banquet is then the one where couples and newlyweds can unleash joy and happiness because the pathos of the celebration will have given way to relaxation and a desire to celebrate.

The final scenes of the wedding film in Turin are then represented by the cutting of the cake and the throwing of the bouquet, which will be other significant moments for a complete narrative of your day.

Throughout the wedding, some shots with drones can be particularly suggestive, providing spectacular images without being invasive. 

If you’re wondering how long the video coverage lasts, know that there are no standard indications.

The duration of the wedding film in Turin varies depending on your requests and how you have organized the event.

Generally, the wedding photographer and videographer offer a service lasting 8/10 hours, which involves professional commitment for the entire day to capture shots and footage of the most beautiful moments of your day, from the preparations to the party and beyond.

Depending on the locations you have chosen for the post-ceremony photos and videos, the duration of the photographer’s and videographer’s work may be longer or shorter. 

Spring and autumn are the most beautiful and suggestive periods to get married because the nature of Turin manages to offer unique and ever-changing colors and lights.

The brightness of Piazza Castello and the beauty of the Royal Gardens can be the backdrop for wonderful shots especially in April, May, September, and October.

But even winter and summer manage to offer unique scenarios, thanks to the scenic and architectural beauties of Turin: from the imposing staircase of the Gran Madre to the height of the Mole Antonelliana.

If you prefer locations a bit away from the city center, the area around Turin offers unforgettable places such as the Reggia di Venaria or the gardens of the Palazzina di Caccia di Stupinigi.

Depending on the type of wedding you intend to organize, we can suggest and indicate the months in which photos and videos will be able to capture the thousand lights that this splendid city offers to its visitors. 

After the wedding, the videographer takes care of creating the actual wedding FILM in Turin, the footage that will be delivered to the couple, selecting the most beautiful shots taken during the day to tell their story.

Post-production is indeed an added value that serves to enhance the beauty of the original footage.

Adriana, the videographer at Monocromostudio, gives her maximum creativity and love for art in this phase. As an artist, she loves to capture the small gestures, the looks, the smiles, and translate them into the film that will be delivered to the couple.

But to create the wedding film in Turin, Adriana dedicates time and energy, spending entire days listening to music and immersing herself in the splendid atmosphere of your wedding, capturing every single nuance to narrate in a crescendo of images and emotions to tell your happiness in the culmination of your love dream.

From here begins the intense work of post-production and editing to create a unique work of art like your story with all the colors and emotional rhythms that characterized the day of your “I do”. The realization of the wedding film in Turin is for us at Monocromostudio an unrepeatable creative experience. 

There is no standard duration for the footage delivered to the couple by the videographer after post-production and editing.

However, an experienced wedding filmmaker like Adriana from Monocromostudio typically delivers footage ranging from 10 to 15 minutes. This is the typical duration of a high-quality film including all the highlights and most emotional moments of the event.

Based on professional experience, we believe that a wedding film longer than 15 minutes risks boring the couple themselves and may dilute the true emotions of that day.

A wedding film in Turin lasting approximately 15 minutes is perfect for capturing all the most exciting, curious, and fun moments that you can watch alone or with friends and family. 

There is no predetermined time for delivering the wedding film in Turin as there are several factors to consider:

– Workload of the professionals
– Couple’s needs
– Wedding date

Since the wedding film in Turin is delivered together with the photo album, the delivery times are agreed upon in advance to ensure the delivery of all photo and film material.

Delivery times typically range from 5 to 7 months, although, as mentioned above, they may depend on other factors.

At Monocromostudio, we work closely with the couple who entrusts us with their professionalism and artistic sensitivity to coordinate all the organizational details for delivering the photographic service and wedding film in Turin.

We dedicate time and energy to create an artistic work that fully satisfies all the couple’s desires because our greatest professional satisfaction is to surprise the couple with truly emotional, original, and natural photos and films.

Post-production and editing require attention to detail as they are the signature of meticulous craftsmanship. 

There is no predetermined cost as it may vary based on your stylistic and organizational needs.

At Monocromostudio, we listen to the couples who choose us for their wedding photography and video service to understand their requests and desires.

The price may vary depending on the variety of locations you have chosen for the post-ceremony shots and videos, or if you desire a pre-wedding film or a post-wedding film. 

The booking times for the professional who will create the wedding film in Turin vary depending on your needs, the day you have chosen to get married, the time of year, and the availability of the professional.

Additionally, remember that the videographer works closely with the wedding photographer, so to have a complete wedding service that reflects your desires, it’s advisable to contact the professionals early to know their availability.

We recommend contacting the videographer approximately 12-18 months in advance to discuss the timing together and ensure maximum availability. 

We are Paola and Adriana, the creative soul of Monocromostudio. We are a couple in life and work, and we love to define ourselves as a couple for all couples who desire an authentic wedding, an expression of their own personality.

Paola is the photographer, and Adriana is the videographer. We create wedding films in Turin, but we move wherever you wish to fulfill your dream of love, from the Amalfi Coast to the Dolomites, to Sicily. We can reach you anywhere you want to accompany you on this wonderful matrimonial adventure.

For us, a wedding is a work of art, a true creative and emotional experience that gives us different emotions each time but at the same time brings us back and relives the emotions that accompanied our own wedding.

An unmistakable strength of Monocromostudio is our ability to provide high-quality photo and video services, completely personalized, all within the same studio. This internal synergy allows for a stylistic and narrative cohesion between photographs and videos, ensuring a consistent collection of memories.

To create your work of art, we prefer to get to know the future spouses to understand their style, personal taste, and have all the information about their love story and the ceremony. Ours is an in-depth interview followed by subsequent meetings to focus on all the details of your encounter, your emotions, what you love about each other, knowing some special anecdotes about the family members who will participate in your wedding. This allows us to create a complete wedding photo and video service in Turin, which tells of all the emotions of the most beautiful day and reflects you in every detail.

Our wedding photography and video service in Turin are as unique as the couples we accompany to promise eternal love. Every shot we take, every moment we capture in the footage is the perfect, unique, and unrepeatable narration, in an emotional crescendo that tells of your uniqueness.

You are the focal point of our shots and footage, discreet, romantic, and always original. We make you feel comfortable without forcing you into unnatural poses or embarrassing situations.

Our reportage is not a sequence of shots but the story of your most beautiful day, made of photographs and videos that describe in small details what you are experiencing in that magical moment, for unforgettable memories. We dedicate time and energy to create your work of art made of colors and chiaroscuro like a Caravaggio painting and to amaze you. 

We hope we have provided you with all the information you were looking for to choose the right professionals to accompany you on your wedding day. We have discussed the responsibilities of a wedding videographer in Turin, how the wedding video is made in Turin, and which locations can be used for wonderful shots in a setting like the city of Turin and its venues. We have provided you with all the details on timing, costs, and reservations for the professional who will create your wedding video so that you can best organize your big day. And above all, we have told you about Monocromostudio, how we work, and how we intend to create your wedding reportage.

If you wish to tell us your story and organize your perfect day together with us, contact us for a consultation. Together, we will find the artistic key that represents your couple on the most beautiful day.