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The art of wedding photography

Wedding photographer in Turin

Turning Moments into Eternity

We love to call ourselves storytellers, and our words are the images through which we give shape to emotions and different moments.
Our style is built on a careful study of light and the projection it creates on objects or people.
In photography, as in life, we honor what is hidden from sight, the mystery, the unexplainable, because from it, magic is born, and emotions are made.
We cherish filling this space of chiaroscuro with meaning:
capturing the moment, the gesture, the gaze, the smile, the anticipation, the wonder hidden in that fold at the corner of the mouth, the light of a laugh, the delicacy of a touch, the frenetic stillness of impatience, the explosion of joy, the warmth and correctness of a hug, the absolute sweetness, the spontaneity of a union.

Our mission and talent lie in capturing, seizing, and immortalizing your unique vibrations and turning them into memories, to be relived whenever you want.
Our photography dives into your world and everything surrounding you on your wedding day and beyond. This way, we can capture the authentic nuances of emotions as they emerge from your most delicate side.
For this reason, every shot can only resemble you, just as you are. No artificiality.
Our mission is to represent you authentically and sincerely through our style.

Wedding photographer in Turin: everything you need to know

Are you ready for your happy event and are you looking for a photographer for your wedding in Turin and don’t know who to turn to? Would you like to create a very simple and discreet wedding reportage and are you looking for some more information on how the wedding photographer in Turin, as in other cities, manages to capture moments of pure emotion for the most beautiful day of your life? Or are you simply curious to know how a wedding photographer in Turin works and what the times and costs are?

Don’t worry!

Take a few minutes to read this page.

We are “Monocromostudio“, wedding photographers and videographers in Turin and throughout Italy. To help you better plan the most important day of your life, we have decided to provide you with all the information you need to choose the professional photographer who will create the reportage of your happy event. You will discover that the wedding photographer in Turin, as in all other cities, has the ability and sensitivity to capture and immortalise the most beautiful and memorable moments of your wedding day.

We are Paola and Adriana, photographers and videographers in Turin and we specialize in wedding reportages because for us every wedding is a story, a creative experience that we live personally and that we try to share through shots imbued with your deepest emotions. If you are struggling with organizing your day and choosing the photographer for your wedding in Turin, we advise you to read all the information you will find on this page. We will see what the tasks of the different professionals who work for the creation of your wedding reportage are; we will find out how the photo shoot takes place and what the subsequent phases are until the photos and video are delivered; and finally we will give you information on booking times and costs and above all on how Monocromostudio can create the photo shoot of your dreams.

Enjoy the reading!

If you are in the midst of organizing your wedding, you have probably wondered about the steps involved in a wedding reportage and how the wedding photographer in Turin captures your most beautiful shots.
Before delving into the heart of the matter, let’s explore who the professionals are that create wedding photography and video services.
These are photographers and videographers like us at MonocromoStudio. We are Paola and Adriana, a photographer and videographer, together in life as well as in our profession. We love to call ourselves the couple for couples, and we specialize in capturing all your most exciting moments as if they were a story – the story of your love. Through photos and videos, we create your personalized work of art for a wedding reportage that represents and captures the very essence of your most authentic emotions and those of your friends and family.
But what exactly are the roles of the photographer and videographer on your wedding day? Let’s discover them together to better understand how to fully experience the day of your ‘I do!

Now that we have seen that the reportage of your wedding is created by two important figures, the photographer and the videographer, who collaborate synergistically to capture the most beautiful moments of your union, let’s try to understand their respective roles on your wedding day, starting with the photographer.

It might seem strange, but the wedding photographer in Turin plays a fundamental role as they are familiar with all the phases of the wedding and, with extreme discretion and delicacy, manages to document all the stages of your wedding with delicate and reportage-style images, from preparation to the reception. In the following paragraphs, we will explore these stages together.

Every professional photographer has a personal style to document your wedding, which must be in synergy with that of the videographer they collaborate with. Monocromostudio, consisting of Paola and Adriana, captures photos and videos together, delicate and emotional, capable of capturing the most important moments on the day of the ‘yes,’ with detailed photos that tell your story, seeking to immortalize indelible memories.

Paola, in particular, loves to blend lights and shadows like in a Caravaggio painting to give depth and mystery to the feelings we convey with our photos and videos. We like to mix photographic styles that narrate your love story with romance and originality in a reportage made up of unique moments like you.

Indeed, the wedding photographer in Turin, like in other cities, manages to share your sensations, your emotions on the day of your ‘yes.’ They are the ones who plan the photographic work, and that is why wedding services must be organized well in advance, not only to respect your wishes but also to avoid inconveniences that may disturb the magical atmosphere of your wedding.

Generally, to better tell the story of your wedding, we propose an interview and subsequent meetings to understand the desires and emotions that accompanied the beginning of your love story, to perceive all the expressions on your face and then represent them on the most important day with perfect lighting, like a painting rich in nuances. We ask couples who rely on our professionalism and artistic sensitivity to conduct a site visit to the ceremony and reception locations to learn all the details, check the lights, and colors that can be captured in the photographs.

As photographers and videographers, we advise you to choose a photographer who, on the day of your wedding, will move with discretion and sobriety without interfering with events, to capture the emotions of your most important day. Now, let’s see the role of the wedding videographer in Turin.

Once upon a time, the photographer used to find someone who could provide video services and include them in their package. In recent years, the professional figure of the videographer, the one responsible for creating films and videos on the wedding day, has become widespread.

Although two different professional figures, the videographer collaborates synergistically with the wedding photographer in Turin to create a special and meticulously crafted wedding reportage.

Monocromostudio is the perfect combination of a photographer and a videographer. We are a couple in life and in our profession, and we love to create the reportage of your wedding as a work of art that tells the most unforgettable moments and allows you to relive those emotions whenever you want.

Adriana is the videographer, passionate about art and love stories. She loves capturing small gestures, glances, and smiles of people. Every story is unique, and she narrates it with a personalized video. She handles post-production and editing to provide couples with a unique and personalized work, with a focus on storytelling and careful music selection.

But how is the reportage of your wedding in Turin created? If you are curious to discover the fundamental steps, continue reading!

Before understanding how the actual wedding reportage is created, we would like to provide you with some preliminary information to arrive at the wedding day feeling calm and ready to enjoy every moment.

Every wedding photographer in Turin who tells life stories, such as Monocromostudio, likes to get to know the future spouses before the wedding day. This helps in understanding their needs, expectations, and gaining additional information about the ceremony.

For instance, Monocromostudio organizes a detailed interview with the couple to get to know them before setting up the photographic service. We love to tell love stories, stories of life, of authentic emotions that we faithfully capture in our photographs and wedding video. Each of our wedding photography services is unique because every couple and every ceremony express a different kind of love.

We enjoy learning about the details of the wedding organization, the style, and the settings in which the event will take place. This helps us choose the photographic and videographic style that we will bring to our work.

But what types of photos are possible to create?

One of the first issues you will address together with the wedding photographer in Turin, as in other cities, concerns the type of photographs you want to create, what photographic style you want to impart to your wedding reportage, reflecting your soul.

Monocromostudio loves enhancing your event by playing with light and chiaroscuro, akin to a Caravaggio painting. For us, a wedding is a work of art. That’s why we create photographs that mirror your mood—never ordinary, but always original. Every couple who entrusts us with their artistic services will receive special attention, and we will craft memorable shots tailored just for them.

The coverage of your wedding begins with shots of the bride and groom’s preparations.

This is an exciting phase of your most beautiful day that the wedding photographer in Turin captures with discretion and professionalism, portraying the intimate family moments preceding the ceremony through delicate images.

During the preparation phase, the bride takes center stage with photos of the wedding dress details, final touches to the makeup, hairstyle, bouquet, and bridesmaids. Through detailed shots, the wedding photographer in Turin can immortalize the emotion of the intimate moments that characterize this phase.

Equally emotional is the groom’s preparation, documented with photographs as he finishes dressing, with shots dedicated to details such as adjusting the tie or putting on cufflinks. Everything is captured in a reportage style.

Finally, the ceremony arrives. The wedding photographer in Turin will have previously surveyed the location to understand details and lighting to exploit. A part of the photographic service also focuses on the ceremony details, such as flowers and the environment. All of this is done to narrate the details the couple has worked on for a long time.

The photographs taken by the wedding photographer in Turin will be unique, rich in the emotions of the couple, friends, and closest relatives, all gathered to celebrate the most emotional day.

During the ceremony, the photographer moves with delicacy and discretion to capture every gesture and emotion in the eyes of the couple about to exchange vows, creating the artwork of your personalized wedding reportage.

The celebration of the wedding is a moment we particularly love because we leave nothing to chance. Upon the couple’s request, photos can be taken with the main groups just after the ceremony. We’re talking about photos with their parents or witnesses. The moment of photos during the ceremony concludes with the throwing of petals or rice to wish the couple a prosperous life. This is also one of the moments when the photographer takes pictures to capture the shared happiness between guests and the couple.

After the ceremony, the couple goes to the beautiful locations they have chosen with the wedding photographer in Turin to create a reportage of stolen moments, where the splendid Savoy city with its most characteristic and suggestive places frames the scenes.

Thanks to our experience in creating wedding photography services in Turin, we can adapt to any situation and weather changes to give you the best photographic service possible.

Finally, we come to the party, the reception venue, which often coincides with the ceremony location. Here, the photographer will not only focus on the couple but will also capture the guests in their gestures, looks, and smiles, immortalizing the joy that accompanies this happy event.

The choice of the venue for the wedding banquet is also crucial for obtaining extraordinary photographs, with a breathtaking scenic background. And, as mentioned earlier, this location will be previously surveyed by the wedding photographer in Turin, so on your day, they will know exactly which details to capture: the tableau and mise en place will be the subjects of shots that will complete your album of unforgettable moments.

With the cutting of the cake and the tossing of the bouquet, the final phase of the banquet approaches, and the start of the dancing party where you can relax and let loose. These moments will also complete your wedding reportage.

For a wedding photographer in Turin like us at Monocromostudio, creating the photographic service for your perfect day is not just a professional but also a personal experience, a creative journey that excites us deeply.

Our goal is to capture the magic of an unrepeatable event, in a spontaneous, authentic, and absolutely discreet manner.

In this role, we are the narrators of a love story in a beautiful setting.

We have just seen how the wedding reportage unfolds, but how long does the entire photography service for your wedding day last?
It’s challenging to provide an exact answer as the duration of the wedding reportage is not standard and can vary based on your requests and how you have organized the event. Additionally, depending on the locations you have chosen for post-ceremony photos, whether civil or religious, the duration may be longer or shorter. Therefore, extra hours can be added based on the hours specified in the service.
Generally, a wedding photographer in Turin offers a photographic service lasting 8/10 hours, covering the entire day and documenting each phase of your most beautiful day, from preparations to the celebration and the after-party. Additionally, the duration may vary based on the locations you have chosen for post-ceremony photos, whether civil or religious.

When you are about to choose the photos for your wedding, which will eventually make up the memory album, you will make a selection by picking your favorite photos from various moments of the day. The photographer can help you choose different moments to include, perhaps by showing you various album layouts with choices made by other couples and carefully laid out by the photographer. In the album, you can also add some shots taken earlier (prewedding) if you have chosen this type of service.

Some photos taken before the wedding will undoubtedly be a beautiful memory of the beginning of your life together: a romantic candlelit dinner in your favorite restaurant or a stroll in one of the places in Turin that you are particularly fond of.

Among the indispensable photos are those taken during the preparation before the ceremony and in the locations you have chosen for the preparations.

Photos of your respective arrivals at the ceremony venue (if different from the preparation location) can emphasize the emotion of the moments immediately before your “I do,” even if you have chosen to enter together: don’t miss the opportunity for a few shots that capture the emotion on your faces.

Other photos you cannot do without are those of the exchange of vows and rings and the moment when you are united in marriage, possibly with witnesses and family members witnessing your union.

The wedding photographer in Turin will capture all your emotions without being intrusive, even when you are busy signing the registers.

The exit from the ceremony venue is a joyful moment where the tension will finally have dissipated, making room for happiness and the start of the celebrations.

Here, typically, the wedding photographer in Turin can suggest some group photos with friends and relatives.

You cannot miss the photos of your arrival at the reception venue and the photos of the cake cutting. The wedding photographer in Turin will capture the moment when your hands come together for the actual cutting.

These are just some of the photos that should never be missing in your wedding album. Of course, you can choose the ones you like, also getting advice from the photographer who created your wedding reportage.

Spring and autumn are the most beautiful and evocative seasons to get married in Turin because nature can provide unique and ever-changing colors and lights, especially if you choose iconic locations in the Savoy city.

The brightness of Piazza Castello and the beauty of the Royal Gardens can frame wonderful photos, especially in months like April, May, September, and October.

However, winter and summer also offer unique scenarios, thanks to the scenic beauties that Turin has to offer: from the imposing staircase of the Gran Madre to the Mole Antonelliana. For those who choose locations a bit away from the city center, the area around Turin offers very suggestive venues such as the Reggia di Venaria or the gardens of the Palazzina di Caccia di Stupinigi.

Depending on the type of wedding you plan to organize, we can suggest and guide you on the months when photos and videos will be able to capture the myriad lights that this splendid city offers to its visitors. 

As we have seen, the photographer plays a crucial role on your wedding day, working alongside the videographer to capture all the shots that will make up your reportage. After the wedding photography service is completed, the wedding photographer in Turin takes care of the curation of the images, selecting the most beautiful shots that will be presented to you in high resolution.

Post-production is, in fact, an added value that serves to enhance the beauty of the initial capture. Wedding photos are generally taken in raw format, a heavyweight file type with a series of information essential for the photographer during the post-production phase. The raw photo is the exact representation of what the camera sees; then, during post-production, the wedding photographer in Turin enhances certain characteristics of the photo to improve it and capture the moment precisely.

Using specific programs that only the wedding photographer in Turin knows how to leverage, the images can be processed to adjust lighting, colors, and contrast.

But what is then delivered to the newlyweds? Keep reading to find out more!

Once the photographer has selected the most beautiful images and post-processed them, they will deliver them to the newlyweds in jpg format, a lighter and more versatile format. The couples will then choose the ones they desire to create their memory album.

The photos in raw format remain with the photographer and are not delivered to the newlyweds, not only because special tools are needed to read them but also because photos in this format are raw, representing the images captured by the camera and do not represent the final product.

The delivery time for the wedding reportage varies depending on the photographer’s workload and the couple’s needs.

Generally, delivery times range from 5 to 7 months; however, it also depends on the period you have chosen for your wedding and the workload.

In any case, we aim to discuss all the details, including the delivery of the photographic service, with the couple who chooses to rely on our professionalism. It is indeed possible to obtain the photos in a much shorter time frame (2/3 months) by opting for the express delivery service, which involves an additional fee. This way, you can receive the photos sooner.

We dedicate time and effort to create photographic work that fully satisfies the desires of the couples, even aiming to surprise and move them with spontaneous and natural shots. The selection of images and post-production also requires attention to detail as they are the signature of a meticulous and artisanal work.

Even for this information, we can tell you that there is no preset cost as it will depend on your needs and organizational requirements that you will discuss with the chosen wedding photographer in Turin to create your reportage.

Regarding the cost of the wedding reportage, we generally prefer to listen to the couples who approach us to understand their requests and desires.

The price may vary based on the location you have chosen, travel, hours of work, and, of course, the services requested, such as whether you want a pre-wedding or post-wedding service, if you request drone services, etc.

Based on your requests, we will prepare our best proposal to help you create the wedding reportage you have always dreamed of.

The booking times for a wedding photographer in Turin vary depending on your preferences, the day you have chosen to get married, the season, and the availability of the professional.
Certainly, there are certain periods of the year, for example, from May to October, which are very popular for weddings, also due to the natural settings that can provide the most beautiful backdrop for wonderful photos and the pleasant, mild weather. June, July, August, and September are typically the most sought-after months, given the longer and sunnier days of the year. In these cases, we recommend booking your wedding photographer in Turin approximately 12 months in advance to coordinate the timing and secure maximum availability

Monocromostudio is a photography and videography studio based in Turin. Paola and Adriana, a couple in both their personal and professional lives, have been specializing in wedding reportages for years, capturing stories for couples who desire an authentic wedding—an expression of their personalities.

Within the same studio, Monocromostudio offers highly customized and high-quality wedding photos and videos. Adriana manages the videography aspect, while Paola takes care of the photography.

As wedding photographers and videographers in Turin and throughout Italy, we view weddings as works of art—a true creative and emotional experience that evokes all the feelings we seek to capture through our photographs and videos.

To create your work of art, one that tells the story of your love and union, we get to know the future spouses to understand their style, personal taste, and gather all the details about the ceremony. We organize in-depth interviews and subsequent meetings with the couple to learn about the details of your meeting, your mutual emotions, and what you love about each other—to create a photographic service that truly reflects you in the details of the photos and videos we will produce.

Each of our wedding photography services is unique because every couple and every ceremony express a different kind of love. Every shot we take, every moment we capture, represents a piece of a perfect, unique, and unrepeatable narrative. We capture your essence as a couple, your uniqueness, making you feel at ease without forcing you into unnatural poses or causing discomfort.

You are the focal point of discreet, romantic, and always original photographs. To create your wedding reportage that perfectly describes your love story, we dedicate time and energy to perfect work that you will fall in love with first.

Our reportage is not just a sequence of shots but a narrative of your most beautiful day, made up of photographs and videos that describe in small details what you are experiencing in that magical moment, creating unforgettable memories.

Now that our journey to discover how a wedding reportage is organized has come to an end, we hope to have provided you with all the information you were looking for. We explored together the roles of the wedding photographer and videographer in Turin, how the photographic service unfolds on the day of your “I do,” and the various styles you can choose from to create your wedding reportage, your album of indelible memories. We tried to provide you with all the information to understand what happens after the wedding, how the work of the photographer and videographer is meticulous and precise in selecting the most beautiful photos to present to you and provide you with eternal emotions.

We hope to have made you dream with the selection of photographs we have created and given you an idea of how we work, emphasizing how important it is for us, both personally and professionally, to tell your love stories.

If you want to share your story with us and plan your perfect day together, contact us for a consultation. Together, we will find the artistic key that represents your couple.