Veronica Girelli review

I really struggle to write this review, it is difficult to find the right words to describe what “the Monochromes” represent and represented for us that day.
I could say that their photos speak for themselves or that their films (calling them videos would be an understatement) thrill from the first to the last second but the truth is that, in addition to being evident, so you would not be able to understand what is behind all this. 

We have not yet received the result of that day’s work so there are not many shots that we can insert but this review is intended to be useful to those who do not know what to expect or who are “afraid” of not knowing how to behave in front of a goal. 

At least, this was my fear, it seemed to me that all their spouses were almost actors by the naturalness of their poses, from chronic insecurity I was terrified of not feeling at ease, of not being up to their shots … then , after two years (due to covid) and after getting to know Paola and Adriana better, I realized that the only thing I had to do was trust them. 

They have a sensitivity, a discretion that few people in the world have. In recent years they too have understood my personality well and with all their professionalism and sweetness they have guided me where I never thought I would go. 

They have been my support during such an intense day, they have been much more than our photographers or videomakers, they have been friends and confidants and several times, even in the most tense and intense moments, I turned to them saying how happy I was, relieved and grateful to have them with me, with us.

And even now I repeat it, it was the best choice we could have made and if our wedding day was so full of emotions, if it was so special, we certainly owe it to these wonderful girls! 

We will never stop thanking you girls, you will always have a little place in our heart! 

Veronica and Francesco