Organizing your wedding abroad?
5 things you need to know!

A wedding planning guide for all newly engaged couples.

wedding abroad

If you are here, it is because you are about to get married and you would like to organize your day in the best possible way. Most of all, you’ve decided that your wedding will be abroad, so you certainly don’t want to miss any details about it.

Organizing a wedding seems easy but, there are many factors to take into account because of many problems that may come up, and that you never thought about.

This practical guide, created with the help of our professional wedding photographers, will help you to prevent some mistakes and will give you an insight into the most important things you must know when starting to plan a wedding.

1. Organise your wedding in just one location.
Fewer transfers, less stress!

Better to have all your guests reunited in the same place, instead of worrying about transfers between one place and another, right?
This also means that you don’t have to lose time during your wedding day because everything you need is around you.
So it is better to choose a location that can offer you all the services:
Rooms for your guests.

• A space where you can get ready.
• A place to celebrate the ceremony.
• A restaurant where you can enjoy time with your guests and also have fun.

Choosing a location that includes all these, can also help to reduce the costs of the photographer/videographer that won’t have to move to another location and that will have the chance to take even more pictures and material for your wedding album.

2. Choose carefully the time of the year when booking the wedding.
Summer or not summer?

Getting married with sun and nice temperatures is a dream for every couple.

It can be really helpful to know which is the best time of the year in every different Country. Not too hot, and not too cold would be the best solution.

The weather is indeed such an unpredictable factor but, you can decide if taking the risk or find out the best time of the year to get married in a specific country.

Choosing the right season can save you from a bad climate situation even if a good photographer/videographer will be able to assure you the best quality of pictures and videos, no matter what the weather will look like.
They will have to make the best out of it, to obtain an excellent product.

Have a look at our pictures and videos: the sun and the rain are not a problem for us, don’t you think?

3. Your guests deserve to live an amazing experience.
Reward them!

Reception planning is an essential step that will help your guests feel comfortable in any location.

The guests you choose to take with you on this journey, are the people you love the most and with whom you’d love to share one of the best days of your life.

Exactly for this reason, you have to think about their stay, their entertainment, and also a sort of reward to let them know how important they are to you.

Think about how they will be happy to travel to a place they may never have visited before. There is no best way to make them discover that place, don’t you think? You could organize a tour of the area, for example, looking for the best activities to do and also bring along the photographers to create a documentary of your stay.

Couple photo shoot

4. Plan a day ahead for your photographer if coming from abroad.

The choice of a photographer/videographer for your wedding is essential.

You will need someone to be able to capture the best moments of the day, for you to relive all the emotions and memories, time and time again.

If you decide to choose a destination wedding photographer, you need to consider the time taken to come from another location.

An extra day can give him the chance to get to know the place better, to know more about the organization of the day, and, most importantly, to create a connection with you and your beloved ones, essential to shoot amazing images.

Having some extra time can also give you the chance to organize a pre and post-wedding shooting, capturing all the best moments that lead up to your special day.

5. Trust the help of a wedding planner.

Last but not least, why would you do all of it alone?

Contracting a wedding planner is an easy shortcut to make sure everything will go along smoothly and easier.

When planning a wedding abroad, choosing the professionals that will help you organize it, is the first thing to do. Wedding planners can help with all the details and the perfect organization of a wedding.

Based on your budget and your needs, they will indicate your vendors, and locations and satisfy all your requests, even the craziest ones.

A last piece of advice from our side: before the day comes, try to have a discovery chat with the photographer/videographer that will take care of your wedding.

Empathy is a very essential factor and despite other vendors that can do their work in a few hours, the photographer/videographer is the person that will spend more time by your side and it is important you get along well.

In case this doesn’t happen or if you don’t want to take the risk, you can suggest to the wedding planner your choice and make this step easier.
Have a look at what others say about us and it will certainly help you to make the best decision.